Controlling conversions from the gas pump to a C-Store purchase

Posted by Rob Greer | C-Store, Technology Solutions | No Comments August 30th, 2017

Humans: among other things, they are forgetful, tend to chase dreams, worry about situations that may never happen, and are driven by impulses.

For savvy convenience store (C-Store) owners, this is great news. These owners are interacting with thousands of customers daily who need fuel, be it diesel or donut. Even better, these customers may be at a lowered or heightened energy level, opening the door to an easy sell.

These opportunities have their fair share of hurdles, including customers’ free time while filling up, state-of-mind, spending money, and more. However, these obstacles can disintegrate by promoting a store’s products in the right ways.

Reminding the customer that there are things he or she might need in the store can be extremely difficult. Not only do C-Stores need to pull customers’ attentions away from the gas pump, C-Stores also need to tap into customers’ minds and think as they would.

Technology hasn’t mastered the art of mind reading—yet. It has, however, mastered the art of grabbing and holding attentions. Like the effects of interacting with a smartphone, the glow of digital signage almost guarantees some form of entertainment for viewers.

There is significantly greater probability that customers look at a digital pump top display over a static one/no display at all. Using these increased changes, C-Stores can entice customers to step foot into their stores.

Think about this…

What if C-Store owners used their digital pump top displays to showcase their new milkshake machine? What if a milkshake was shown after displaying the outside temperature, an overwhelming 92 degrees Fahrenheit? There is no computer-to-brain telepathy, but it’s a good guess that gas station customers get out of their cars and inwardly complain how hot it is outside.

Utilizing digital displays to tap on human thoughts is easy and influential. C-Store owners can start thinking like a typical human, which shouldn’t be too hard accomplish, and promote their thoughts as promotions on their digital pump top displays. By capturing viewers’ attentions on digital displays, and then showing a potential solution to what customers are thinking about, C-Store owners give customers a need to walk into their stores and buy something.

If you are in need of a digital pump top display or would like to test one out, call our corporate office at 1-800-456-0600 or send us an online enquiry. We would be glad to assist you.

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