Fast Track FAQ

Troubleshooting the Fast Track Timer

Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action
Time and date incorrect Daylight Savings Go to set parameters and adjust time/date.
Bad battery on engine board Contact Dealer for new battery
Defective hardware Contact your local Dealer
My store hours/dayparts/targets have changed Time of day is incorrect or parameteres aren’t current Go to set parameters to adjust time and date and/or store hoours and dayparts
Configuration is corrupted Contact your local Dealer
Timer is counting when there is no car present Vehicle Detector Board is Locked On Go to reset loop and reset the detection point that keeps counting.
Fault with ground loop Contact local Dealer to come out and inspect loop.
Timer does not power on Fuse on mainboard blown Check fuse, if blown replace
No power to outlet Test outlet with known working device
Defective hardware Contact your local Dealer

If you are unable to correct any of the above problems or you have other difficulties please contact your Dealer.

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