Petroleum Digital Signage Solutions

Inform, entertain, gain revenue and drive customers into the store with Delphi’s pump top video display

Petroleum retail operations without pump top video displays are missing out on increased sales and profits. Pump top video displays engage customers, informing them about traffic, weather, sports scores and much more. They also help you earn additional revenue by featuring local, regional and national advertisements. If you also have a convenience store, pump top displays drive sales into the store by highlighting specific products and present special offers and loyalty programs to customers at the pump. Additionally, the dynamic displays take the burden out of managing and changing static signs.

Delphi Display Systems’ pump top video displays are engineered to be as rugged and reliable as they are effective at informing and engaging customers. The displays work with the company’s Insight Engage® software to manage content. If you have a convenience store, you can tie content from the pump top video displays to digital signage in your store for maximum product merchandising.

Inform, engage and increase profits with Delphi’s pump top video display solutions. To learn more download the brochure.

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