Drive-Thru Timer System

Optimize drive-thru speeds with a Delphi timing system

Faster drive-thru service translates to more profits. A seven second improvement in service delivery, results in a one to three percent increase in market share. When speed-of-service is slow, your restaurant is losing money. A myriad of factors could be the problem, including poor audio communication at the drive-thru, the type of food being ordered or a menu board or confirmation display that is hard to read. How do you increase service speed when you don’t know when and why you are slowing down?

Delphi Display Systems has the answer. Its drive-thru timer system provides detailed information you can use to optimize speed-of-service. The system includes the Insight Track® hardware and software solution. Working together, they allow drive-thru times and performance metrics to be easily read on large, high-resolution screens mounted inside your store. In addition to in-store displays, timing information can be conveniently displayed on any browser, including on your smartphone or tablet. Choose from either a standalone Fast TrackTM or a fully-integrated Insight Track drive-thru solution.

Increase your drive-thru profits with a Delphi timer system.

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