Enhance communication and customer satisfaction with the 3M™ G5 wireless drive-thru headset system

As quick service restaurant operators know, when customers and drive-thru crew can’t hear each other clearly, the order process breaks down. Food orders can be wrong, speed-of-service significantly slowed and customers might drive away feeling frustrated and angry.

Delphi Display Systems solves the problem of poor drive-thru clarity with the 3M’s G5 wireless headset system. The G5 system sets the standard for wireless audio quality, functionality, reliability and modularity of design. The system uses the latest in noise cancelling technologies to make communication crystal clear with your customers. This will improve accuracy, speed of service and ultimately leave your customers satisfied and happy.

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Service and Support

Delphi offers a full range of services for your headset system including:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • On-site service
  • Repair

Please contact your Delphi representative for additional information.

User Serviceable

  • The 3M G5 headset system has been designed so you can service and make key repairs, like replacing the headband, in store in seconds.

Advanced Noise Reduction

  • The digital sound quality is better than ever thanks to enhanced mic technology that improves sound clarity and reduces background noise.


  • Enjoy minimal repairs with 3M’s most durable headset ever. Touch buttons and no on-off switch provide fewer moving parts and more reliability.

Lighter weight, more comfortable

  • The G5 system has improved comfort for the whole team with less weight, easy adjustments and even touch buttons.

A feathery touch at your fingertips

  • The touch buttons provide haptics feel — a small vibration when touched — to provide positive feedback.

Easier Identification

  • Each headset can have its own color tag for easy identification by the team.
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