Insight® Software Suite


Delphi’s proprietary Insight® software platform is a fully integrated solution for the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry. The following components make-up Delphi’s Insight platform for the QSR drive-thru and inside the store. Please click on any one of the components to learn more. The Insight system can be installed in any QSR as a complete solution or operators can add components over time as their business grows.

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Insight ENGAGE®

The Insight Engage® software application supports both outdoor and indoor digital menu board systems. Engage provides robust content management, analytics and reporting on every aspect of your drive-thru operation. The Insight Engage solution enables your menu board system to actually drive sales by adapting menu content in the most appealing manner to your consumer based upon your store’s business conditions.

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Insight INFORM®

The Insight Inform® digital communication system is configured with DI-Pro 5 Wireless Drive-Thru headsets and base station for enhanced sound clarity to improve speed-of-service and the customer experience for QSR’s. The Insight Inform solution sets a new standard for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features to deliver great performance and productivity.

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Insight TRACK®

The Insight Track® solution works in conjunction with Delphi’s Fast Track® Timers to provide real-time visibility into drive-thru performance. The Insight Track system displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store LCD screens to optimize your drive-thru’s speed-of-service. The Insight Track solution provides an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics and bottlenecks so you can improve through-put and increase profitability in the drive-thru.

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Insight VERIFY™

The Insight Verify™ system is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s Endura™ V-Net™ display to provide drive-thru order confirmation capabilities and up-sell products. The Insight Verify solution’s dynamic reporting enables detailed analyses of your drive-thru’s effectiveness.

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