Order Confirmation Systems

Ensure satisfied customers and more sales with Delphi’s order confirmation systems

Incorrect drive-thru orders cost time and money, eroding customer satisfaction and eating away at your quick service restaurant’s profits. Customers become upset when they drive away with the wrong food order, which can adversely affect their loyalty to your business. To ensure order accuracy and customer satisfaction, having a reliable and durable order confirmation system that is easy to read, even in very bright sunlight, is critical.

At Delphi Display Systems, order accuracy is delivered through the most reliable order confirmation solution on the market today and its Insight Verify™ software. Key components of the Delphi order confirmation system include:

  • Endura™ E-Net Order Confirmation Display (with embedded processor)
  • Endura™ V-New Order Confirmation Display (with in-store processor)
  • Insight Verify™ Order Confirmation software

Delphi stands behind the quality and durability of its order confirmation systems by providing a 5-year advance exchange warranty. Look no further than Delphi for guaranteed order accuracy solutions.


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