Endura™ Order Confirmation System

Endura™ Order Confirmation System

Quick service restaurant operators can choose from two reliable Endura™ displays. The Endura™ E-Net features an embedded industrial computer that interfaces directly with your restaurant’s point-of-sale system. The Endura E-Net is available in both 15 and 22 inch displays. The Endura™ V-Net acts like a remote monitor that connects directly to a PC / server inside the store. Features of the durable displays include:

  • Long life LED backlight rated to 70,000 hours to mean time to half brightness (MTTH)
  • High-impact safety glass to protect the display and internal components from vandalism or damage.
  • Bright screens at 1,600 nits for easy readability in direct sunlight.
  • Automatic light dimming to optimize viewing in daytime and at night.
  • Rugged construction and engineered to operate reliably in extreme weather conditions.

For more information, the specific brochure:

Delphi Endura Display with Generic Order

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