Outdoor Digital Menu Systems

Conveniently change menu items and influence customers with Delphi’s digital menu boards

If you or your employees are still manually installing menu changes, price updates and specials, you are taking valuable time away from your customers. If you aren’t selling enough of specific products, it is important for your restaurant’s profits to understand why and put tools in place to highlight the products you wish to promote.

Delphi Display Systems has over 15 years experience manufacturing ruggedized digital displays for outdoor application. In extreme hot or cold environment, Delphi’s products have proven to remain durable and reliable. Delphi can help you engage customers, influence their purchases, increase sales and optimize profits with its digital outdoor and indoor menu solution. The system works with the Insight Engage® software platform to attract maximum attention to your offerings while also tracking and analyzing customer purchase habits. Using the software platform, it is easy to make changes to menus and drive customer purchases whether you have one or 100 restaurants.

ODMB Triple

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