Endura Outdoor Menu Boards

Endura 47 P Outdoor Digital Menu System

Delphi has more than 15 years or experience manufacturing ruggedized displays for outdoor use. In extreme hot and cold weather, Delphi’s Endura™ 47P outdoor digital menu boards are up to the challenge. The Endura line features long life with low maintenance costs to maximize ROI. The Endura outdoor digital menu system features:

  • Modular design from 1 to 5 panels that are uniquely curved to maximize viewing angle from the driver’s seat.
  • Bright screens at 2,000 nits for easy readability in direct sunlight.
  • Unique cooling heat exchanger that requires no maintenance or filters to change.
  • Ruggedized construction and engineered for extreme weather resistance.
  • High-impact safety glass to protect the display and its components from vandalism or damage.

For more information, download the brochure

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