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Identifying your Delphi Drive Thru
Order Confirmation System


You can identify which model OCB/OCS you have by locating either the serial number or model number. On all models, both the model number and serial number can be located on the manufacturer’s sticker on the back of the unit. The serial number is most critical as it will allow us to look up the unit to check warranty status.

For most models, 15x and E-Series excluded, the serial number can be found in the top, left, front corner of the unit above the screen below the frame (see image). This allows you to find your serial number without opening a canopy or speaker post enclosure to access the back of the unit.


Here is an example of where the serial number is located:
OCS Serial Number
Serial Number Begins With Model Number Begins With Model OCB
EX 9330 15x
RP 9310 Endura 15E (E-Net)
VP or VL 9320 Endura 15V (V-Net)
VL 9220 RoHS 15V (V-Net)
R 9210 RoHS
P 9200-150-STD C-Series
9 or 8 9200-150 E-Series