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Technology Updates

Delphi Display Systems continually innovates forward-thinking enhancements to our hardware and software products. Technical memorandums are posted below, as new updates to our products and services are released.


Endura E-Net Motherboard Enhancement

Memo #: 2017-001

Date: May 8, 2017

Products Affected: Endura 15E (E-Net) Order Confirmation Systems


Delphi Display Systems’ workhorse Endura® E-Net order confirmation system is getting an upgrade.  After over five years of steady production, the brain of our 15E displays is being expanded. Our existing motherboard has reached the end of its regular production life, and new Endura 15E systems will have a new motherboard.

Greater memorystorage space, and a faster microprocessor, along with the same display, power supply and other hardware mean 15E systems will continue to provide the time-tested reliability of Delphi’s Order Confirmation Systems you know and trust. 

Updated Network Command Line Utility

Memo #: 2017-002

Date: May 8, 2017

Products Affected: Delphi OCS Network Command Line Utility


Delphi Display Systems has provided an automated method for updating graphics and configuration, and getting status and configuration information from our Endura 15E Order Confirmation Systems. Over the past 15 years, as new features have been added and new generations of OCS displays have been released, our Command Line Utilities have been updated to provide access to these features.

Now, to support features in our new Endura 15X Order Confirmation System, as well as continued and enhanced support for our Endura Motherboard enhancements, we are releasing a new Network Command Line Utility. This new Network Command Line Utility is backward compatible with existing Delphi OCS, and adds support for Endura 15X.

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