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  • Sneak Peak into Three Secrets to a Highly Profitable Menu

    by James Dever | Nov 20, 2017
    landing page sneak peak of TL Jim D

    Digital menus are slowly becoming commonplace in fast food and casual eateries. This advancement in technology is an major improvement for, not only customers, but store owners as well. Visibility to menu items has dramatically increased, while costs spent on board replacements and LTO changes have decreased.

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  • Action-packed signage: all it takes is some rephrasing

    by Rob Greer | Oct 09, 2017
    supermarket indoor digital menu board promotion

    If your products seem to be selling worse than your competitors, don’t give up on what you’re selling. Drop the messaging your products currently use, and make way for more dynamic language that speaks to today’s trends.

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  • 3 customer loyalty-improving things your drive-thru may be missing

    by Rafael Klatil | Aug 18, 2017
    woman driving with fast food and soft drink

    High-quality foods are contributing to QSR growth, but the way operations are run play a big part, too. Be it immediate service, a smile through the speaker, or a simple thank you, these chains have something that your drive-thru restaurant may be missing.

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  • The Psychology behind confirming lunch

    by Mike Pierce | Jul 21, 2017

    The use of an order confirmation system doesn’t just help your kitchen avoid customer recoveries, it addresses people’s mental necessities. The psychology behind confirming lunch is more complex than confirming your combo meal has no tomatoes.

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  • Are Digital Menu Boards Really Good for Driving Business Growth?

    by James Dever | Mar 10, 2017
    indoor digital menu board

    The benefits of digital menu boards over static can be generally organized into two groups: hard (quantitative) benefits and soft (qualitative) benefits. Over the past several years, industry research, as well as our own customer experience, has shown measurable quantitative and qualitative benefits associated with implementing digital menus.

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  • Now is the Perfect Time to Accelerate your Drive-thru’s Performance

    by Co Tang | Jan 16, 2017

    Identifying the right technology solution can be extremely challenging. Read about a few things to consider when seeking the right solution to increasing your restaurant’s profitability.

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  • Simple Solutions to Lift Your QSR’s Revenue

    by Rob Greer | Jan 09, 2017
    fast food profits

    My top QSR customers have shared with me some of their best practices, that target increasing per-check revenue and improving overall profitability.

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  • Order Accuracy Trumps Order Time!

    by Co Tang | Jan 03, 2017
    2016 state of qsr industry

    In this article, I’ll explore excerpts from key industry insiders, as they interpret the most important findings from the study, including speed-of-service, order accuracy, customer service, and best practices in the drive-thru and fast casual business, shared by real, successful operators.

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  • Innovative Drive-thru Timers Supersize Revenue Performance

    by James Dever | Dec 15, 2016

    Timing solutions are just one part of Delphi’s all-encompassing, end-to-end drive-thru offering, including outdoor and indoor digital menu boards, order confirmation systems, headset communications, and vehicle timers.

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  • 3 Ways Social Media Grows Franchise Restaurant Sales!

    by David Skinner | Jul 26, 2016
    social media icon bubbles

    Encouraging your employees to advocate for your brand will not only increase your traffic, but it will spread in a way that traditional marketing will likely fall short. This then leads to creating a fan base through your employee advocacy efforts and that is a power play for your franchise restaurant for sure!

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  • Keys to Successful Quick Serve Restaurant Up-selling

    by Rafael Klatil | Aug 12, 2014

    If you aren’t upselling your customers, you won’t be able to maximize your revenue. Indoor and outdoor digital menu boards and order confirmation systems offer key benefits including: presentation quality, visibility, dynamic colors, and rotating messaging.

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  • Improving Productivity at the Drive Thru

    by Co Tang | Jul 22, 2014

    What restaurant owner doesn’t want to drive sales, improve check averages and increase productivity?

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  • The Power of a First Impression

    by Tim Votaw | Jul 14, 2014
    burger and fries

    QSR and Fast-Casual Restaurants have only a few short moments to make an impact and influence the buying behavior of a customer. Engaging with customers is fundamental to build a good first impression and the most valuable asset of all: repeat customers.

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  • Does a QSR sell Pictures or Products?

    by Mike Pierce | Jun 30, 2014

    It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, which is great if your store sells words, but Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) sell convenient, to-go foods. Many digital signage systems are focused on the pictures, but focusing on the products themselves is a much better approach.

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  • What if Everyone Bought a Beverage?

    by Co Tang | Mar 18, 2014
    presenter handing food to car

    Beverages make up a significant part of the bottom line for nearly every restaurant from QSR to Casual Dining and even Fine Dining. So, what if restaurant owners could increase their beverage sales by 10% to 15% overnight with some simple ideas?

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  • Drive-Thru Times and Customer Satisfaction

    by Rob Greer | Nov 20, 2013
    drive thru restaurant

    The power of drive-thru metrics from a Fast Track® timer system matched with order accuracy and a smile when the customer pulls away creates a great guest experience and a return visit.

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  • Driving Sales With Digital Menu Boards

    by Mike Pierce | Nov 19, 2013
    digital menu board example

    Introducing new items with mouth-watering pictures is a hallmark of QSR Marketing. What happens however, after a period of time goes by and many of your customers have seen your menu board and the pictures of food in that same place time and again?

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  • New Technology at the Drive-Thru

    by Dave Cowdrick | Nov 08, 2013

    Looking at the entire drive-thru business as a package of integrated equipment is a new idea in the QSR space and perhaps one that franchisees will find has a great deal of value.

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