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  • Fast Casuals and the Digital Menu Movement – Why these two go hand in hand

    by Mike Pierce | Apr 26, 2018
    people at fast casual

    Not only is the usual fast casual customer time-conscious, but he/she is addicted to smartphones and digital signage and wants new experiences with the amount of time allotted. Fast casuals continue to explode in popularity with the restaurant industry, mainly because its customers happen to be the largest customer base.

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  • Sneak Peak into Three Secrets to a Highly Profitable Menu

    by James Dever | Nov 20, 2017
    landing page sneak peak of TL Jim D

    Digital menus are slowly becoming commonplace in fast food and casual eateries. This advancement in technology is an major improvement for, not only customers, but store owners as well. Visibility to menu items has dramatically increased, while costs spent on board replacements and LTO changes have decreased.

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  • 5 Keys to Selecting the Best Digital Menu

    by Rafael Klatil | Dec 22, 2016
    five colorful keys

    In this article, we clarify the five key considerations you should take into account when choosing a digital menu board solution.

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  • Keys to Successful Quick Serve Restaurant Up-selling

    by Rafael Klatil | Aug 12, 2014

    If you aren’t upselling your customers, you won’t be able to maximize your revenue. Indoor and outdoor digital menu boards and order confirmation systems offer key benefits including: presentation quality, visibility, dynamic colors, and rotating messaging.

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  • The Power of a First Impression

    by Tim Votaw | Jul 14, 2014
    burger and fries

    QSR and Fast-Casual Restaurants have only a few short moments to make an impact and influence the buying behavior of a customer. Engaging with customers is fundamental to build a good first impression and the most valuable asset of all: repeat customers.

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  • Does a QSR sell Pictures or Products?

    by Mike Pierce | Jun 30, 2014

    It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, which is great if your store sells words, but Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) sell convenient, to-go foods. Many digital signage systems are focused on the pictures, but focusing on the products themselves is a much better approach.

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  • What if Everyone Bought a Beverage?

    by Co Tang | Mar 18, 2014
    presenter handing food to car

    Beverages make up a significant part of the bottom line for nearly every restaurant from QSR to Casual Dining and even Fine Dining. So, what if restaurant owners could increase their beverage sales by 10% to 15% overnight with some simple ideas?

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  • Driving Sales With Digital Menu Boards

    by Mike Pierce | Nov 19, 2013
    digital menu board example

    Introducing new items with mouth-watering pictures is a hallmark of QSR Marketing. What happens however, after a period of time goes by and many of your customers have seen your menu board and the pictures of food in that same place time and again?

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