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  • Sneak Peak into Three Secrets to a Highly Profitable Menu

    by James Dever | Nov 20, 2017
    landing page sneak peak of TL Jim D

    Digital menus are slowly becoming commonplace in fast food and casual eateries. This advancement in technology is an major improvement for, not only customers, but store owners as well. Visibility to menu items has dramatically increased, while costs spent on board replacements and LTO changes have decreased.

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  • 3 customer loyalty-improving things your drive-thru may be missing

    by Rafael Klatil | Aug 18, 2017
    woman driving with fast food and soft drink

    High-quality foods are contributing to QSR growth, but the way operations are run play a big part, too. Be it immediate service, a smile through the speaker, or a simple thank you, these chains have something that your drive-thru restaurant may be missing.

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  • Being healthy is paying off for QSRs

    by Co Tang | Jul 10, 2017
    a lot of fast food

    Society is more health-conscious than ever before. Food’s focus has left what tastes good, and has arrived at what ingredients are on the plate. This change in focus has hit the fast food industry especially hard, considering fast food is more easily made with a fryer and carbs. However, drive thrus featuring lower-fat alternatives and better ingredients are receiving positive feedback and profit gain for their efforts.

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  • Better Time Management=Bigger Profits for QSR’s

    by Co Tang | May 05, 2017
    Delphi Display Systems FastTRACK SA timer

    Each of our timers are designed with customers in mind. Fast Track timer systems increase customer satisfaction and provide insight into how quickly staff members get an order out, how efficient your quick-service business is, and how to set feasible efficiency and productivity goals.

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  • A Brave New World: What’s Happening to QSR’s Customer Ordering Process?

    by Rafael Klatil | Apr 20, 2017
    mobile ordering fast food

    It’s true, the customer ordering process has scattered in only a few years’ time. But you and your business can keep up with consumers’ needs, lifestyles, and trends, while staying in business.

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  • Are Digital Menu Boards Really Good for Driving Business Growth?

    by James Dever | Mar 10, 2017
    indoor digital menu board

    The benefits of digital menu boards over static can be generally organized into two groups: hard (quantitative) benefits and soft (qualitative) benefits. Over the past several years, industry research, as well as our own customer experience, has shown measurable quantitative and qualitative benefits associated with implementing digital menus.

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