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Better Time Management=Bigger Profits for QSR’s

by Co Tang | May 05, 2017

Each of our timers are designed with customers in mind. Fast Track timer systems increase customer satisfaction and provide insight into how quickly staff members get an order out, how efficient your quick-service business is, and how to set feasible efficiency and productivity goals.

Delphi Display Systems offers three industry-leading timer solutions. Each one has its own strengths, but which one is best for your business?

Fast Track

Delphi Display Systems Fast TRACK timer

The Fast Track is our original timer that is generally brand-approved and widely used by thousands of franchises today. It is the ideal timer for franchise owners who need brand approval before making decisions.


Installation is easy and quick from Delphi’s qualified technicians. The timer’s dashboard is simple to understand, clear in identifying which areas of the drive-thru need focus, and current in displaying individual times, crew focuses, and day parts.

Sections on the timer’s screen can be quickly customized in the store depending on what a manager wants his/her employees to monitor. If you only want your crew to see average line time, you can display just that. If you want them to view greet, cashier, and pickup times, as well as day part averages and average times, you can display all of that, too.

Reports that reveal time trends or lack of sales can be viewed by managers in-house.


Customers can choose to provide their own wall mount and bracket, or may purchase those items from Delphi upon their timer orders. Because this timer takes in the information of each store specifically, a more thorough installation is needed to wire in a business’ hours, distance between menus, etc.

Fast Track SA

Delphi Display Systems FastTRACK SA timer

Our Fast Track SA, short for “Stand Alone”, is our no-strings-attached product. This timer is perfect for owners of smaller chains and franchise groups, who want to measure their drive-thru productivity and set goals, but don’t need all the measurement tools that would be unnecessary for a smaller-scale business.


This is a turnkey product. From the moment it is plugged in to the moment you upgrade to another one of our timers, it will provide helpful feedback specific to the store that it’s in.


The SA is an out-of-the-box installation, including a wall mount and a monitor. There is no need to install software on your restaurant’s computer. When the SA is plugged in and its loops are installed, it is ready to provide credible information to employees. You can always rely on this timer to give stable information that will not confuse those that use it.

Insight Track 

Delphi Display Systems Insight TRACK timer

The Insight Track is an upgrade to our original Fast Track—it’s essentially an enterprise cloud-based version of our Fast Track timer system. Delphi’s Insight Track is perfect for driven franchise owners looking to outdo the competition, while becoming one of a brand’s most prime examples of how a QSR should be run.


Insight Track offers a new, competitive ranking feature: SCORE. SCORE is a program that reflects how stores are doing compared to one another. SCORE connects to a restaurant’s sister stores and displays real-time statistics on which store is doing better at which time. This opens up endless opportunities for your business to see what place you’re in, how you can climb the ranks, and how you can get your employees to feel motivated in rising to first place. SCORE can be displayed on its own monitor near the timer, on one of the timer’s quadrants, or hidden for managers’ uses on the network.

The Insight Track also provides detailed information on specific orders behind each car coming through and gives reports that can be dissected or viewed by comparing multiple events. Managers can choose from a number of different layouts to display what they want their crew to see. The data Insight Track gathers can be viewed at a remote location as well as in-store.


As well as the SA, Insight Track is a turnkey product that comes with mounting hardware. While it requires more time installing than the SA (inputting store information, linking to other stores’ Insight Tracks, etc.), as soon as its powered on, a restaurant’s staff can count on the Insight Track to give helpful information.

Delphi Display Systems Timer Basic Comparison Chart



Fast Track

Insight Track SA

Insight Track

Measures Event Averages Yes Yes Yes
PCI Compliant Yes Yes Yes
Change Layout on Site Yes No Yes
Remote Access No No Yes
Licensing and Hosting fees No No Yes
SCORE Comparison feature No No Yes
Wall mount & Bracket included No Yes Yes