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Drive Sales With An Optimal Digital Presentation To Customers

Knowing how customers respond to digital content requires years of experience and research behind the application. Delphi offers the menu development experience, research and the ability to turn your digital display system into an effective sales driving tool. Should the featured product be on the left or the right of the display? Will this month’s new offer get more traction if it’s a video of the product or a static shot? If it’s video, how much action do we show before it becomes a distraction to the customer? How do we coordinate the appearance of the images across the panels? These are all questions Delphi can help you answer as you tackle the implementation of your new digital display system. Let us help you figure out the best solution for your business. Restaurants, Retail Shops or Petroleum Retail & C-Stores, please click on the request information button and we’ll contact you for an initial meeting.

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