Business Optimization

Menu Optimizer™

Delphi’s Menu Optimizer allows QSR’s to track the impact of menu layout changes against various targets such as overall sales, sales mix and performance against other LTO products. This product functions similar to Google Adwords consisting of a web page that has a table of the menu variations in the test group and their performance metrics. The menu itself can be sorted to find consumer reaction to various layouts and determine the optimal layout for each menu. Once the optimal layout is identified, it can be pushed out to other stores chain-wide and the process can continually iterate with fresh new menu designs.

Insight Track®

Insight Track® is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s drive-thru timer system to provide real-time visibility into drive-thru performance. Insight Track® will display detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store LCD screens to optimize your drive-thru’s speed-of-service.  Insight Track® provides an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics and bottlenecks so you can improve through-put and increase profitability in the drive-thru.


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