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Delphi’s proprietary Insight Enterprise software platform is a fully integrated solution for the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry. Our enterprise platform consists of best of breed technology solutions including indoor and outdoor digital menu boards, order confirmation systems, drive-thru timing systems and wireless communications systems. 

Each solution each can be installed individually or they can be bundled together to provide additional data insights and system management efficiencies.


Insight Software Suite_Insight Engage

Delphi’s Insight Engage CMS provides robust content management, analytics and reporting on every aspect of your drive-thru operation.

The software enables your menu board system to actually drive sales by adapting menu content in the most appealing manner to your consumer based upon a number of conditions such as time, date, weather, customer preferences, or other current events.

Insight Software Suite_Insight Engage

Insight Software Suite_Insight Verify


Insight Software Suite_Insight Verify

Insight Verify is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s Endura display line to provide drive thru order confirmation, day-part marketing, and up-sell capabilities to drive additional sales. Insight Verify’s reporting enables detailed analyses of your drive-thru’s effectiveness. 

When combined with Insight Track®, Delphi’s drive thru timing system, speed of service data can be correlated with order detail information to provide deep insights into operational efficiency bottlenecks, production constraints and overall profitability. 


Insight Software Suite_Insight Inform

Delphi’s Insight Inform® software solution is configured to greatly enhance sound clarity, which improves speed-of-service, order accuracy and, ultimately, the customer experience at the drive-thru.

As part of the Insight® platform, using the Insight Inform application allows restaurant operators to configure their headsets, timers and order confirmation systems from an app in the store or remotely.

Insight Software Suite_Insight Inform

Insight Software Suite_Insight Track


Insight Software Suite_Insight Track

Insight Track® is Delphi’s premier enterprise drive-thru timing system that provides real-time visibility into every aspect of drive-thru performance. Insight Track displays detailed vehicle timing information on in-store LCD dashboards, to provide the production crew with real-time information on speed of service performance.

Critical performance metrics are displayed to highlight bottlenecks, improve through-put and to increase profitability in the drive thru.


Insight Software Suite_Insight Inform

Delphi's team of data scientists and content experts employ a high level of rigor and attention to detail, developing dashboards that are both insightful and extremely accurate.

The resulting analytics are immediately actionable, while Delphi's proprietary recommendation engine provides prescriptive insights alongside revenue-boosting best practices.