Customer Engagement Technologies

Insight Engage®

Delphi’s Insight Engage® software is a content management and presentation platform allowing the user to provision digital display content to one or many panels. The system is designed to allow the user to access Delphi’s cloud-based platform and select any number of panels to render with content. Insight Engage® has the ability to know when pertinent changes to digital display content must occur and completes those changes as programmed. Engage is the full digital signage solution including the optimal hardware for your application and software that can be fine-tuned to your business.

Insight Verify™

Insight Verify™ is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s Endura™ V-Net™ display to provide drive-thru order confirmation capabilities and upsell products. Verify’s dynamic reporting enables detailed analysis of QSR drive-thru effectiveness.

Insight Inform®

Insight Inform® is configured with Delphi’s wireless headset system for enhanced sound clarity to improve speed-of-service and the customer experience for QSR’s. Insight Inform® sets a new standard for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features to deliver greater performance and productivity.

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