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Timing is Everything

Delphi's timing solutions provide businesses the unique ability to measure their operational efficiency by monitoring several speed of service metrics in the drive-thru. Each of our timers provide real-time data for crew members and management to rely on.

Our Fast Track®, Fast Track SA, and Insight Track® solutions give valuable, current insight into time-sensitive processes, empowering drive-thru team members to address small problems before they become big ones.

drive thru timer system

basic drive thru timer

Fast Track SA is the stand alone, entry level version of our timer system. This powerful timer is perfect for owners of smaller chains and franchise groups who want to measure and improve their drive-thru productivity without managing all of the overhead and requirements associated with an enterprise-level system.

analytic drive thru timer

Delphi's cloud-based, enterprise version of our drive thru timing system, Insight Track is perfect for larger franchise owners looking to achieve enterprise-wide visibility. It is highly configurable to work with a wide variety of drive thru lane configurations (single, dual, Y-lane, tandem, etc.)

Insight Track delivers an instantaneous view into performance metrics and bottlenecks enabling your crews to maximize labor efficiency, improve throughput, and increase profitability. 

Integrating seamlessly with Insight Track, Insight Score™ is a side-by-side ranking solution, providing real-time visibility into store-to-store comparisons on key performance metrics. The Score solution compares station timing, and, when integrated with our Insight Verify™ Order Confirmation System, can compare drive thru sales performance across your enterprise.

The complete solution delivers an up-to-the-minute view of how stores compare on time and sales metrics, and identifies bottlenecks so the crew can maximize labor efficiency, improve throughput and increase profitability in the drive-thru.


drive thru timer for drive thru

Fast Track Drive Thru Timer

drive thru timer for qsr

The Fast Track is our original timer, brand-approved and widely used by thousands of franchises worldwide. It's durable, reliable, and the ideal timer for franchise owners requiring brand approval.