The greatest marketing asset of the times we live in now is the ability to easily enlist your crew to take their phones out and post on social media… especially if it will bring more of their friends in while they are working their shift. Encouraging your employees to advocate for your brand will not only increase your traffic, but it will spread in a way that traditional marketing will likely fall short. This then leads to creating a fan base through your employee advocacy efforts and that is a power play for your franchise restaurant for sure!


  • Reward for ‘Checking In’: Offer up a free soft drink or other high margin/low cost item for their check in. Tell your drive thru and front line to encourage all customers to check in when taking their order and delivering food. This gives your store exposure and gets your staff excited too! This also gives you a unique ability to survey where your customers hang out online and where to put your marketing dollars. Are there more on facebook, twitter, Instagram? This will also assist in taking next steps in online advertising.
  • Flash Sale/Today Only (with hashtag): Is it a hot day? Offer up a frosty treat for dessert with a purchase of meal. Use a hashtag like  #freefrostytreat or #cooldowntoday to capture interest. Ask your employees to log in and share the message from their social media accounts. This does a few things: It engages with their friends, most likely local and close to your restaurant and encourages them to take an active part in sales and marketing for you.
  • Challenge for favorite food pic: Food/drink/dessert picture challenges are hot right now. You’ve probably seen them before. They come in different formats and styles but an easy way to get started is to just tell people to take a picture of their favorite food, drink or dessert and use a specific hashtag you create or post to your page and tag your store in it. This a great combination the above 2: checking in and using a defined hashtag, plus it gives a visual to make others crave what they have just seen in their news feed… bringing them in to try it for themselves.

You can easily post about your specials in a flash by implementing in digital menu boards. Check out more here!

These are just a few, simple ways to use social media to entice hungry, thirsty and in-a-hurry customers to stop in and ultimately, increase your restaurant franchise revenue today! Use one or a combination of all 3 of these! Try it out and let us know which one you like best!

We will even post pictures or promotions to help you promote your locations on our social media. Email us at for more info.

What are some other ways social media has worked for your franchise? Tell us in the comments below.