Choosing the correct digital menu board for your quick service or fast casual restaurant can be a challenging task. There are several potential offerings that provide differing features, and just understanding the technical requirements can be daunting. In this article, we clarify the five key considerations you should take into account when choosing a digital menu board solution:


Every store faces different challenges. Consider solutions that provide store operators the ability to tailor the menu board based on the actual conditions an individual store is facing. For example, if it’s a hot day, then cold drinks are likely to sell well. A good digital menu system should be dynamic enough to change cold drink offerings to be more prominent when it will energize sales.


High-volume quick service and fast casual restaurants gain exceptional advantages by selecting durable, reliable, and technologically advanced digital menu solutions. The digital menu is critical to your business; if it’s not visible, it will slow down ordering. More advanced solutions provide highly reliable fail-safe measures that prevent total system failures by sensing panel malfunctions and adapting your menu in real-time.


From one store to a thousand, a good digital menu is adaptable, providing your restaurant with the ability to scale as you grow. Digital panels take up about the same space as static panels, and forward-thinking content and creation management software provides single-store operators the same efficiencies that multi-unit operators enjoy.


Leading digital menu solutions provide their operators with simple, powerful tools to tailor menus for optimum performance. Maximize your ROI by automatically changing your menus to cater to your audience (for example, offering featured kids’ menu items at the end of the school day).


Performance metrics provide a better understanding of the overall factors underlying profitability. Good digital menu solutions provide broad visibility to key metrics, enabling quick service and fast casual restaurants to make smart business adjustments and plan highly strategic improvements. This is a critical consideration when selecting a digital menu system, so ask for examples and make sure to see the key performance indicators that are most meaningful for your business.

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