It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, which is great if your store sells words, but Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) sell convenient, to-go foods. Many digital signage systems are focused on the pictures, but focusing on the products themselves is a much better approach. When an operator wants to optimize their digital menu performance, it is imperative to be able to correlate the products that were shown on the menu display at any given moment with the products that were actually sold. This data correlation is best achieved using a “product-centric” digital menu system.

It’s mid-June and the AC in Eddie’s car is on full blast. It happens to be lunchtime, and he has half an hour to find a meal and get back to work. So, he pulls into his favorite local QSR drive thru. The first thing Eddie sees when he looks at the menu screen is the visual of an ice-cold drink, with condensation running down the cup. It speaks to and aligns with his current state of being in need of cooling down on a hot day. “Hmm, I’ll take a large, please.” Just then, a video of a fresh, piping hot, juicy burger appears right in front of him. The expression on his face reveals the hope that it could satisfy every one of his deepest desires. “Could I have that in a combo meal, please?” Eddie thought this was all he needed, but then something else showed up on the menu display that caught his eye. A glimpse of a dessert, so delectable he could already taste it. “That looks so great…but, no, I’ll try that next time.”

Utilizing creative digital content strategies to influence consumer purchase decisions can have a tremendous impact on a restaurant’s sales operations. For the restaurant operator not yet using digital menu systems, implementing a digital menu strategy can help in increasing sales of featured items and presenting food items in a very appetizing fashion. By leveraging the flexibility of digital menu systems, the operator can feature high-margin items, limited time offers or other promotions – each differing by location, day part or local conditions. Digital strategies have been shown to drive awareness, build average ticket and create a dynamic platform that customers will enjoy. Imagine, offering a special promotion on a hot day for a cold drink size upgrade when another item is purchased.

One of the significant benefits of a digital menu system is the versatility and ability of these tools to change messaging. Delphi’s Insight Engage® digital menu system software gives the store or restaurant operator the ability to manage their menus from anywhere on any device. Menus for multiple locations can all be uploaded at once, saving time and improving accuracy. It’s easy to change prices, update nutritional information, rotate messages, add or remove menu items, add promotional products, and it can all be done remotely, easily and quickly.

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