When it comes to speed-of-service, QSRs need every advantage they can get. A decrease of just 7 seconds can deliver as much as a 3% improvement in market share! Couple that with improved labor efficiencies driving better customer service, and significant improvements in bottom line results can be realized. But exactly how do digital timer solutions increase drive-thru performance?

An instantaneous view provides your crew with insightful performance metrics, identifying bottlenecks and accelerating customer throughput. A “Focus” feature highlights key operational areas needing attention, and multi-colored visuals compare actual results to target goals in real time! Easy-to-read screens provide “at-a-glance” in-restaurant views, or use a standard web browser for remote access from any location.

Actionable Results

Dynamic reporting delivers detailed timing metrics for each car, revealing historical performance that drives improved trend analysis, enabling QSRs to better understand their flow of business, staffing requirements, and overall day part execution.

Measure, Motivate, and Reward

Setting regular goals, then measuring the results and rewarding improvements is a powerful driver for QSRs looking to increase their profitability. Providing real-time performance visibility fosters increased crew enthusiasm and motivation to provide better, speedier service.

Selecting a Solution

Given the value that a good timing solution brings to a QSR, the next step is selecting a vendor. While there are several to consider, Delphi Display Systems has been a market leader in timer solutions since 1990, in use globally by most major quick service restaurants. Timing solutions are just one part of Delphi’s all-encompassing, end-to-end drive-thru offering, including outdoor and indoor digital menu boards, order confirmation systems, headset communications, and vehicle timers.