My top QSR customers have shared with me some of their best practices, that target increasing per-check revenue and improving overall profitability. Consider adding these methods to your QSR or Fast Casual restaurant to provide an instant lift, with minimal effort:

1. Add “what” to your questions to customers. For example, an assumptive approach to order-taking would be “What sides would you like with that?” This proves to be a much more successful practice in leading customers to increase their order, when compared to simply asking “Would you like a side with that?” The later does not improve the overall total ticket purchase nearly as much.

2. Now, more than ever, customers are seeking healthier options from their QSR and Fast Casual dining, particularly during the evening-time day part. Ensure that your evening menu showcases healthier dinner items, to enable health-conscious customers to enjoy fast, good-tasting food, without sacrificing nutritional value. This also increases overall customer satisfaction and inspires long-term loyalty.

3. Institute employee incentives, (1) for staff growth and retention, and (2) to promote a new menu item or to increase sales of a high-profit offering. Since seasoned employees are more efficient than newbies (and therefore, deliver higher profits), using incentives to motivate experienced staff and drive up revenue can be highly effective.

Here are a few ways to incentivize your employees:

  • Track sales performance and reward top monthly employees with a bonus
  • Set time tracking goals and reward the staff when those goals are met for an entire shift
  • Institute an employee rewards program for those who provide truly exceptional service
  • Share a small percentage of profits with your more tenured employees

The goal here is to improve long-term employee retention, reduce training costs, and maximize your restaurant’s productivity and execution.

These simple-to-institute activities have been highly beneficial in realizing increased revenue and profitability for my franchise operators, and can provide real benefits to your QSR or Fast Casual restaurant. I welcome your comments or additional ideas.